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Retail Innovation

SK-II is one of the most tech minded skincare brands on the market. They continually strive to connect with their upwardly mobile, young executive target demographic. In leveraging latest technologies, coupled with social platform and pay integration we have broken new ground in customer experience. Future X Smart Store: Shanghai, China

Giving control back to the customer

Powered by Ai, Facial recognition and RFID, the Future X Smart Store Pop up created a deep, personalized shopping experience. Visitors had their skin type analyzed via a facial scan in private booths, and received the results via a smart bracelet that brought up the details on an interactive “skincare wall”. They would then proceed to a smart beauty bar where they could browse products recommended for their specific skin condition privately via responsive digital screens. A partnership with allowed visitors to buy directly through our interactive projection table and have the purchased products delivered.

SK-II Future X
Smart Store Shanghai

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