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Leveraging Watson Ai to Change the Employee and Cognitive Builder Experience.

Employee Experience Platform: luci is a community and platform that guides users through deeper understanding of cognitive principles through interaction and storytelling.

Watson Sentiment Analysis is integrated and captures areas of topical discussion to be used to inform future updates.

Chatbot Training: Conversations between IBMers and Virtual Customers manifest through an integrated chatbot that lives within a stand-alone Web-app. The virtual conversations are scored and used to guide and train them for better actual customer interaction and unification of messaging. Watson Dialog, Sentiment Analysis and Concept Analysis makes the virtual conversations smarter over time.

COGNATION: Engaging cognitive builders by giving them direct access to community, tools, code, events and education through an organic and pervasive cognitive
social network.

AI Employee Experience: Snackable and experiential interactions that leverage data gathered from various user interactions. These modules incorporate Cognitive-friendly tech, like gesture and facial recognition, language processing and interactive data visualization.

The Way: Standardizing methods, to ensure quality, consistency and speed for every client. 

IBM Smart Platforms
and Prototypes

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