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Hugo Boss

Experiential Lead at Media Monks | Former Huge ECD, Infusion ECD, Senior and Lead CD Emerging Experiences VSA Partners, Sapient CD |

I’m a photographer, painter and an aspiring guitar player and songwriter. I'm into old-school hip hop, proto and post punk music and abstract expressionist art. I was born in NY, and
have lived in Spain and Singapore. I'll try any food - twice.

Business Me:

I'm a Globally Awarded, Hybrid Creative and Experience Design Leader who’s work has been featured at Cannes, CES and NRF. I was interviewed and quoted by IBM on the future of Cognitive Technologies as they relate to our evolving world. My specialties include Creative Technology,Physical/Digital/Virtual Brand Experiences and Products, Traditional Branding and Integrated Marketing. I department build, team build and
build business.


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